Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Austin Indiana Cemetery Unexplained Phenomena

I have always taken 2 pictures back to back just so i can see if there is a malfunction in the mechanism of the camera because if there is a problem we will see it in every photograph.these 2 images snapped back to back show nothing much in the first photograph but some very strange phenomena going on in the 2nd picture and please notice the energy in motion arcing downwards from the top right...i cannot explain what else is in the picture as this is up to speculation...there were high tension power lines above this cemetery that were making our meters go bonkers..could these photgraphs be a time shift which is a rare occurence even today...please feel free to post your comments as i will be open to discuss these with anyone.

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  1. Those are interesting photos Jack. It looks like possible paranormal activity to me. I look forward to any future investigations from Austin.


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