Saturday, July 10, 2010

Finchville Kentucky Pre Investigation

S.I.G.N. had a pre investigation this saturday in finchville kentucky,we will be doing a full investigation at this location very taken during this pre investigation will be reviewed this weekend and if any anomalys show up we will post them as soon as possible.
S.I.G.N. members attending this pre investigation were:
Jack Oliver
Lynne Gulick
Kevin Blakely
Lynne gulick had a personal experience when she entered the house saying that the floor felt like it was moving..saying it was kind of like getting dizzy then it went away real quick...perhaps she encountered a portal which some people can become sensitive too and can cause nausea disorientation and headaches.
Property owners Claims have been seeing shadow people out of the corner of there eye and being touched.members of the family have also heard the door in the basement opening and when they go down to see who has came in the door is locked and shut tight from the inside and there is no way that no one could have gotten in from the outside.

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