Sunday, July 3, 2011

Austin Indiana Cemetery

Of all the photos we took at the austin cemetery these 2 shots back to back are the only ones i took that look out of the ordinary..i have taken similar pictures last year when we first came here and with almost the same exact results..this time i was using a newer smaller canon camera than my rebel this possibly bordering on being paranormal yes...could this be something explainable with photography yes...please post your comments as i would want some opinions.

Also will post a update once beverly leavell goes through her photgraphs to see if she has anything interesting!

Always Obey The Law

This is the forested area by the austin cemetery that has a no trespassing sign posted..we must all remember as paranormal investigators to always obey the law...i cannot stress this enough as i have read enough horror storys of would be paranormal investigators who break the law and get arrested/fined/shot/killed...please obey the laws as this also shows your professionalism when dealing with the public and the community in general.

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S.I.G.N. members in this picture are beverly leavell to the right and lynne gulick to the left.

We had went back to this little austin indiana cemetery to see if we could capture any further evidence..this time it felt peaceful and had a whole different feel than the last couple times we had came here and gotten some interesting photographs.

Lynne Gulicks House

As i had been going over my pictures from our last trip to S.I.G.N. member lynne gulicks house i found this interesting picture of a black mass..luckily i have continued to take back to back pictures while on investigations and this one paid off..the first picture above is pretty much crystal clear and the picture right after that one shows a black mass in the left side of the photograph...i guess beverly leavell is not the only one to capture this type of phenomena as i have captured it at lynnes house as well.

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