Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Old Talbot Inn Bardstown Kentucky

Next door to the jailers inn lies the old talbot inn which has alot of stories about it being haunted..we have also booked a full investigation here as the next picture are my members kevin blakely,beverly leavell and lynne gulick relaxing after having a very delicious meal and enjoy the ambiance and old kentucky flare that the establishment exudes...also dates for this investigation are only know by S.I.G.N. members.

The Jailers Inn Bardstown Kentucky

S.I.G.N. Went saturday to meet the owners of the jailers inn and setup a date for a full investigation..S.I.G.N. members from left to right..beverly leavell,kevin blakely,and lynne gulick.the dates have been set and only S.I.G.N. members know them.

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