Monday, December 5, 2011

Pre Investigation December 4th

During our pre investigation on december 4th me and beverly leavell were getting some spirit object manipulation...this little snow man runs on a battery but he has none inside of at around 2:30 when i ask was this your home and his arms start moving....this 1080p video was captured with my droid bionic

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Undisclosed Cemetery - Mist

This photo was taken by S.I.G.N. investigator lynne gulick at one our hotspots at this cemetery,myself and beverly leavell had taken well over 60 pictures when we were there a week ago and we did not get any interesting photographs..lynne had captured this interesting mist photograph that starts from the treeline to the right and wraps around the i believe it is paranormal yes...i have captured several photographs similar to this one when we investigated it a year ago..could this be a guardian letting us know this grave or site is protected yes..could this be a spirit or apparition forming yes i do believe this is paranormal

The first picture is a comparason shot just to show it was a clear and sunny day.

Friday, November 4, 2011

S.I.G.N. Holiday Break

While we are taking our annual break for the holidays our team is still comitted to investigating the paranormal,we are revamping our group and in the new year we are going to set new goals for S.I.G.N. we are going to focus on doing residential investigations and getting back to the heart of what it means to be paranormal investigators.. and that is solving mysteries and uncovering the truth and being investigators again..sure weve been to waverly hills and hannah house and countless other bigtime hyped haunted places...but where the heart lies and that is...helping people understand the paranormal in a positive and educational manner...i think the ghost tv shows have gotten us all derailed from where the heart of being a real paranormal investigator lies.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Many investigations planned for the new year...including this one!

This one is in my own back yard and we will have a date for it hopefully soon..more info to come on our investigations and we will update asap!

Current S.I.G.N. Members

From the top down...myself president and founder,lynne gulick,beverly leavell co founder and vice president..we make a very awesome team

Undisclosed Cemetery

Myself Beverly leavell and Lynne Gulick visited one of our favorite paranormal hotspots in of the very strange things that we noticed that in the old section of the cemetery most of the headstones were free of any signs of raking or any other indication that someone was taking care of this older of our friends who had introduced us to this cemetery brian miller said this old section of the cemetery had at least 5 guardians in it...perhaps they were responsable for this??? maybe letting us know that this place is important and that we should remember and honor our dead.

Monday, October 31, 2011

S.I.G.N.'s Paranormal Explorer Magazine Piece!

It is a great honor for myself and for my paranormal group S.I.G.N. to be featured in one of the worlds greatest paranormal is a great honor to be picked to do a featured story about myself and my wonderful group..thanks to paranormal explorer and there staff they are wonderful people

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lynne Gulick

Due to a mis communication error on my behalf lynne gulick is still a S.IG.N. member!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Paranormal Explorer

S.I.G.N. will be doing a featured write up in the magazine paranormal explorer...more info on this to come soon!

UPDATE: I will have a full featured interview in the magazine covering my ghost hunting days since my beginning days from 1993 to present. i will be covering ghost hunting techniques from the past to the present and sharing all of my 18 plus years of experience in the paranormal field...i will be featured in the november issue of the paranormal explorer!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


We support phantom lite illuminators and recommend them to all paranormal investigators...they make the best illuminators period.

You can visit there website and shop at the same time right here!

We have joined with phantom lite and are now part of the phantom crew and we get a nice discount on all phantom products!

You can visit the phantom crew page right here

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Whispers Estate Investigation Still Planned For November 5th

Due to Fewers members coming to do the overnight with us we still have decided to go ahead and do the overnight investigation at whispers...confirmed members that will be showing up include myself beverly leavell jessica childs and her friend becky ray...we still have 1 open spotfor anyone else that would like to do the overnight with us as well..but you will have to pay as we are splitting up the cost evenly..update due to a miscommunication error on my side lynne gulick is back!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crump Theater Investigation

We will be setting up a overnight investigation for crump theater in the new year

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Midsouth Paranormal Convention 2011 Guest Speakers

They had some really good guest speakers at this convention but the one that was really good was this guy name tom at the top..he had us rolling...apparently even the lghs hate the paranormal tv shows!

Midsouth Paranormal Convention 2011!

There were alot of guest speakers and i was able to mingle and share my varied experiences of the paranormal with was awesome!

Midsouth Paranormal Convention 2011!

The midsouth paranormal convention was a blast!...met several people i knew personally in the paranormal field..we had a great time!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Queen of heaven cemetery video

Me and beverly leavell went to do a pre investigation at queen of heaven cemetery in southern indiana..this place is proported to be haunted by local residents..we plan to come back in september and do a night investigation..this is a video i shot while we were checking things was shot in 720p HD.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Prospect Place Ballroom Video

This video was capture with my 2 Infrared phantom lights..if you watch near the end of the clip a ball of light will appear in the middle of the 2nd chair from the left and then shoot out the window to the left.will post more pictures and further evidence as we begin our evaluation of all of our collected data next weekend.

Prospect Place & Beverly Leavell

Beverly endured the whole overnight investigation with a severe toothache..but she persevered and did the whole investigation with us....thats a true ghost hunter for you there :)

Prospect Place Investigation - Orb In Motion

Another set of photographs taken by beverly leavell showing the first picture is empty and the 2nd picture has the orb in motion...great catch beverly!

Prospect Place Investigation - Orb In Motion

During our basement session beverly leavell captured this orb in motion

Prospect Place Investigation

Beverly leavell kevin blakely and lynne gulick outside photo session before nightfall

Hey Evp

This Evp was captured in S.I.G.N.s safe room it sounds like a guy saying hey..this evp was captured at 93.14 hertz level...the cutoff for below human hearing is anything below 300 hertz.this was well below our hearing range.

Prospect Place Investigation

We had our overnight investigation at prospect place in trinway ohio..what will follow are our findings from this awesome investigation!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Austin Indiana Cemetery

Of all the photos we took at the austin cemetery these 2 shots back to back are the only ones i took that look out of the ordinary..i have taken similar pictures last year when we first came here and with almost the same exact results..this time i was using a newer smaller canon camera than my rebel this possibly bordering on being paranormal yes...could this be something explainable with photography yes...please post your comments as i would want some opinions.

Also will post a update once beverly leavell goes through her photgraphs to see if she has anything interesting!

Always Obey The Law

This is the forested area by the austin cemetery that has a no trespassing sign posted..we must all remember as paranormal investigators to always obey the law...i cannot stress this enough as i have read enough horror storys of would be paranormal investigators who break the law and get arrested/fined/shot/killed...please obey the laws as this also shows your professionalism when dealing with the public and the community in general.

Return To Austin Indiana Cemetery

S.I.G.N. members in this picture are beverly leavell to the right and lynne gulick to the left.

We had went back to this little austin indiana cemetery to see if we could capture any further evidence..this time it felt peaceful and had a whole different feel than the last couple times we had came here and gotten some interesting photographs.

Lynne Gulicks House

As i had been going over my pictures from our last trip to S.I.G.N. member lynne gulicks house i found this interesting picture of a black mass..luckily i have continued to take back to back pictures while on investigations and this one paid off..the first picture above is pretty much crystal clear and the picture right after that one shows a black mass in the left side of the photograph...i guess beverly leavell is not the only one to capture this type of phenomena as i have captured it at lynnes house as well.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lady In The Mirror

my friend dave at work used his iphone to make his son look like frankenstein..behind him is a mirror that has the image of a ladys face in i saying this is possibly!..could it be faked yes..although dave has tried to figure out what this could be and says he cannot explain it..please feel free to post away as to what this could be..

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scientific Explanations And Theories Of Shadow People

As with most supernatural phenomena there is usually a proposed logical, scientifically valid explanation for those who claim to have experienced some form of paranormal phenomenon. Usually these scientific explanations are neither geared to vilify eyewitnesses, nor do they require the violation of generally accepted scientific principles. However, for some die-hard believers who know what they saw these explanations sometimes tend to offend mostly because these articles on average tend to be written in a condescending tone. Yet, even though some of these explanations might offend them it doesn’t discredit the probability that in most of the cases these theories might have been a factor.


In most instances, witnesses report seeing shadow people in the peripheral areas of their vision. This area of vision is linked to the areas of the brain that recognizes patterns, however, it provides less detail to the brain than macular (center-forward) vision. This can lead to a condition known as pareidolia in which the brain incorrectly interprets random patterns of light-shadow or texture as being familiar patterns such as faces and human forms. The same condition can also be observed in macular vision in low light conditions or when viewing a complex but random image. A common example, would be perceiving a shadow thrown by an item of furniture in a darkened room as being a person


Hypnogogla which is also known as waking-sleep is a documented physiological condition in which a person is part way between sleeping and waking. It is during Hypnogogla that a person can experience both being conscious of their surrounding while also being in a dream-like state where they can perceive images from their subconscious. People experiencing waking sleep commonly report the sensation of lights or shadows moving around them, as well as other visual hallucinations. A feeling of dread is also a sensation that occurs when experiencing waking-sleep. Hypnogogla is also known as ‘the faces in the dark phenomenon’ because those who experience the state commonly report seeing faces while experiencing waking-sleep. Similar hypothesis have been put forward linking the condition to a number of other apparent paranormal experiences including alien abduction and paranormal nocturnal visitations.

Chemical Agents

The use of narcotics and psychotropic agents including methamphetamine, cocaine, and LSD can produce shadow human shaped hallucinations. Dopaminergic drugs such as pramlpexole can sometimes cause these hallucinations. Common over-the-counter medication can also have a similar effect if taken in sufficient quantity.

Electromagnetic fields

It has also been proven recently that areas with erratic or powerful electromagnetic fields can interfere with the electrical impulses or firing synapses of the human mind, thus influencing people subjected to such environments over time to believe that they are hearing or seeing ghosts, aliens, or perhaps shadow beings. Such environments include old buildings with substandard wiring, power plants, and areas with naturally occurring strong magnetic fields.

Neurological Conditions

Certain neurological conditions, such as Photosensitive Epilepsy, and complex partial Seizures, have also been shown to cause sufferers to see shadow people. Photosensitive epilepsy is a form of epilepsy in which seizures are triggered by visual stimuli that form patterns in time or space, such as flashing lights, bold, regular patterns, or regular moving patterns. While Complex partial seizures are epileptic seizures that is limited to one cerebral hemisphere and causes impairment of awareness or responsiveness.

In conclusion, all of these theories that have been put forward by scientists are plausible as long as those factors that brought on the effect where present at the time the witness claimed to have seen the shadow person. Yet, here lies the heart of the problem between the believer and the skeptic one side says I know what I saw and none of this applies. While the other side hasn’t done enough out of the lab experiments in the home to verify their claims. Yet, it should be also noted that one aspect of alleged eyewitness accounts of shadow people that remains difficult to explain in objective scientific terms is the similarity of the shadow beings seen in these alleged accounts since children as young as four years old have seen them. Could it be a cultural throw back? that is making people around the globe to see the same thing? It is probable since there are many similarities between shadow people reports and the grim reaper that are shared in the subconscious of all people. Just as people all over the world report dreams of flying and failing.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Investigation - Lynne Gulicks Property - Strange Black Anomaly

Another set of pictures taken by beverly shows one picture normal and one picture of a black mass that looks like it stretches from the bottom to the top of the ceiling...i have just went over the evp sessions i had taken and i did not find any evps at this time..several of us felt cold spots moving around where we were sitting during the investigation...we wish to thank our S.I.G.N. member lynne gulick for having us out to here place and the hospitality she has shown..we love investigating her home and have known for many years that she has had documented legitimate paranormal activity.

Investigation - Lynne Gulicks Property - Strange Black Anomaly

Here are another set of photographs taken by beverly as in the first photo the picture is clear and the 2nd photo has a black mass above me from left to right

Investigation - Lynne Gulicks Property - Strange Black Anomaly

These photographs were taken back to back by vice president and co founder of S.I.G.N. Beverly leavell.. the first shows a black mass above myself sitting in the chair and the 2nd photograph taken seconds later shows a clear picture.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Prospect Place Investigation Date Is Set!

We have our date set for this summers investigation of prospect place..the only history and information about this place i found was this ghost adventures video (YUCK)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Unexplained mist

This is another unexplained mist captured in the back yard near where all the hangings occured. this picture was taken by lynne gulick...will upload more photos from the 1800's cemetery as each member starts there analasis of there photos...that is if we captured anything

Unexplained Mist And Light Anomaly

These pictures were taken by lynne gulick S.I.G.N. member showing a unexplained mist and a light anomaly in the bottom left picture.

The old nelson county jail aka jailers inn

Black Execution Mask

This is the last mask used at the last execution that the nelson county jail aka ( jailers inn) before they stopped doing executions.

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