Sunday, July 25, 2010

Canon Eos image stabilization video

Eos Rebel Image Stabilization

For those of you who do not have a high end canon eos rebel digital camera like mine and are wondering about some of my photographs taken in cemeterys...let me share something with you..i cannot shake or move this camera and take a picture at the same time...because the chip in my high end camera has built in image stabilization...that means that i cannot more or swing the camera around and try and take a picture at the same time...the camera will not let has a built in feature that will not allow this to happen...with lesser quality digital cameras on the market yes you can move the camera and take pictures...most of these low quality digital cameras lack such features..i hope this puts a end to some posts here speculating on what kind of camera i am using.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Evp - I Get Lonesome

This evp was captures the last time we came out to lynnes house with kay owens.this was captured by beverly leavell on her analog recorder and is saying i get lonesome...this evp was captured below the human hearing range and came in at 140.6 hertz.

Westport Kentucky Investigation - Mist

We had our trap camera setup in several locations saturday night and we did not capture nothing interesting..this is the only picture taken from our infrared trap camera that shows what looks to be mist by the tree and mist shooting downwards to the left by the camera.(the specs in the background are bugs which were in alot of pictures) and yes the time and date are off as i did not get a chance last night to correct this.

West port Kentucky Investigation - Energy In Motion And Possible Apparition Forming.

Beverly leavell captured these 3 photos in lynnes living room..what you see is a possible apparition forming and then what looks like energy in motion and watch as it moves from the left to the right side of the screen in the last 2 pictures.these are very interesting and are what we are looking for when we go to look for pictures of paranormal phenomena.

Westport Kentucky Investigation - Black Mass

These 3 pictures snapped back to back by beverly leavell of what looks to be the same black mass we have in the pictures in the previous post.if you notice in the first 2 pictures in the upper left hand corner you can see this black mass and finally in the 3rd picture it is gone.

Westport Kentucky Investigation - Black Mass

These 2 pictures were taken back to back by beverly leavell..notice the dogs looking up at what looks to be some kind of black mass...then the next picture the black mass is gone and the picture is clear.

Westport Kentucky Investigation

We did another investigation at lynne gulicks home in westport kentucky on july 17th 2010 with some interesting results...we will have the pictures up shortly.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Wednesday Night Pulse!

Join us every wednesday night at 9 pm eastern with yours truly me jack oliver,phill roell and todd bates as we delve into paranormal education at its finest! WWW.HVRNC.COM

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Finchville Kentucky Pre Investigation

S.I.G.N. had a pre investigation this saturday in finchville kentucky,we will be doing a full investigation at this location very taken during this pre investigation will be reviewed this weekend and if any anomalys show up we will post them as soon as possible.
S.I.G.N. members attending this pre investigation were:
Jack Oliver
Lynne Gulick
Kevin Blakely
Lynne gulick had a personal experience when she entered the house saying that the floor felt like it was moving..saying it was kind of like getting dizzy then it went away real quick...perhaps she encountered a portal which some people can become sensitive too and can cause nausea disorientation and headaches.
Property owners Claims have been seeing shadow people out of the corner of there eye and being touched.members of the family have also heard the door in the basement opening and when they go down to see who has came in the door is locked and shut tight from the inside and there is no way that no one could have gotten in from the outside.

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