Sunday, August 23, 2009

Scott county heritage museum sign

Scott County Heritage Museum (Formerly The Scott County Poor Farm)

Our next big overnight investigation will be in september at the scott county heritage museum in scottsburg indiana.this use to be scott countys old poor farm up until 1973.reports of paranormal activity has been footsteps on the 2nd floor, a baby crying, strange odors and lights turned on when no one is in the building.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eastern Cemetery

The building in the background had to be bricked in and boarded up due to squatters bums and transients using it as a place to sleep and take shelter.

Eastern Cemetery (Childrens Section)

Eastern cemetery had a really oppresive feeling to it and we captured a evp off my camera when i was doing a movie mode which shot video and audio and the evp was captured on my digital camera!..once i pulled the audio from the file and analysed it i found that this evp was captured at 43.06 hertz.this evp is way below human hearing..the cutoff for human hearing is below 300 hertz..this was a great capture! it is posted a few posts below if you wish to hear it.

Cave Hill

Cave hill had some of the most beautiful statues and ornaments that i have ever seen.

Cemetery Investigations

We both had a great time investigating these 2 cemeterys.

Cemetery Investigations

Me and beverly leavell went to both cave hill cemetery and eastern cemetery

This evp was captured at eastern cemetery in louisville kentucky..once it was downloaded we found that its capture rate was at 43.06 hertz.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

S.I.G.N. will be back for a more lengthly investigation very soon.

Miss beaverly leavell vice president and founder of S.I.G.N. we both had a wonderful time at this beautiful and historic mansion

Ahh at the wheel..our investigation was good and we had a few times that our cameras batteries would go dead but once we left the mansion they were fine and showed full.
One of the original thomas edisons inscriptor devices that would record a telephone conversation on a wax cylinder and the other device would play it (these were possibly made during the time thomas edison and stan miller were working on there thomas ed communicator which thomas edison was trying to use to contact his deceased mother)

The architecture in this beautiful mansion you just will not see anymore.
Me and beverly leavell went to do a mini investigation at the howard steamboat museum located in jeffersonville indiana

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Waverly hills 2005 pictures for gena

waverly hills 2005 picture posted for gena

The student parking lot at hart county high school is supposed to be haunted,although we did not capture anything on film kevin did capture a 15 degree temperature drop on our non contact thermometer.

Hart county high school munfordville kentucky.

The hauntings associated with the courthouse has been talking and footsteps have been reported

One of the oldest courthouses in kentucky is the greensburg courthouse.although the building was closed we were able to get some pictures of this historic building from the outside.from the dates it has 1799 to 1931.

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