Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Unexplained mist

This is another unexplained mist captured in the back yard near where all the hangings occured. this picture was taken by lynne gulick...will upload more photos from the 1800's cemetery as each member starts there analasis of there photos...that is if we captured anything

Unexplained Mist And Light Anomaly

These pictures were taken by lynne gulick S.I.G.N. member showing a unexplained mist and a light anomaly in the bottom left picture.

The old nelson county jail aka jailers inn

Black Execution Mask

This is the last mask used at the last execution that the nelson county jail aka ( jailers inn) before they stopped doing executions.

1800's Cemetery Behind jailers inn

These above ground tombs were surrounded with a foundation with no way to get inside if a loved one wanted to leave flowers or anything..we found it a bit strange.

Old 1800's Cemetery Behind Jailers inn.

Pictured here is beverly leavell vice president and co founder of S.I.G.N.

Many reports of hauntings inside this cemetery include a spectral tabby cat and cival war soldier sightings...more pictures to come from this cemetery when we investigated it at night.

Judge john rowans tombstone

This is the tombstone of judge john rowan...before his death he had always said that since his parents did not have any grave markers that he did not want one either..but one was erected to him and it is said that from time to time it falls over and has continued to fall over and they have to re erect it again..could it be that the spirit of john rowan knocks it over?? its anyones guess.

Old slave cemetery behind my old kentucky home

This slave cemetery was behind my old kentucky home house and park area...we could not even read the dates on the stones.

Talbott inn balcony

This is a picture from the balcony on the 2nd floor of the talbott inn at night...our only legitimate capture of the investigation was the one evp..all video and pictures taken during the investigation did not capture any anomalys.

Talbott Inn

This was the room we spent the night in while we had our investigation..we pretty much had the whole building to ourself.

Talbott Inn Evp

This evp was captured when we went down to dinner at the old talbott inn and kevin blakely left his digital recorder going...after we came back and started going over audio this evp was will hear 2 knocks followed by the voice of a child saying daddy...this evp was below human hearing at 46.87 hertz....great catch kevin

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