Monday, November 23, 2009

Rush Creek Cemetery Orb In Motion

Here Is More Of Kevin Blakelys Pictures From The Night,This is another Fascinating Picture Of A Orb In Motion. WAY TO GO KEVIN!

Rush Creek Cemetery Orb In Motion

This Is The Second PictureTaken 2 To 3 Seconds After The The First Picture And The Moving Orb Is Gone.(2nd Picture)

Rush Creek Cemetery Orb In Motion

Sign Member Kevin Blakely Got this Really Good Picture Of a Moving orb. (1st Picture)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rush Creek Cemetery Unexplained Mist

And now this is the 2nd picture taken only 2 or 3 seconds after the first one and the up close mist is gone.

Rush Creek Cemetery Unexplained Mist

This picture it seemed whatever it was was real close to me at the time i captured this mist.

Rush Creek Cemetery Unexplained Mist

And here is the 2nd picture snapped only 2 or 3 seconds later and the mist is gone.

Rush Creek Cemetery Unexplained Mist

You can see behind the tree a mist forming on the ground.

Rush Creek Cemetery Unexplained Mist

I think this is our 2nd time out here,the last time 2 new sign members caught a really good mist..but this saturday night i captured several pieces of good evidence.this is the first one.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

West point motel end of investigation

Pictured is myself jack oliver and new s.i.g.n. member kevin blakely.
We had a wonderful time here and would like to thank the owners for allowing us to investigate,they allowed us into most of the hotel and we will be going back hopefully soon!
Mary cheshire member of G.H.O.S.T. (Ghost hunters official scientific team) took several pictures of the back of the building and apparently captured what looks like a apparition
you can visit there site at:

Scientific data set and information for the night of the investigation at the west point hotel

S.I.G.N. Collected scientific data sets

Solar x rays: Normal

Geomagnetic field: Normal

Moonphase: Waning


Milligauss lowest 0.5

Milligauss highest 0.8


Lowest Temperature 51.3

Highest Temperature 53.


Milligauss lowest 0.3

Milligauss highest 0.6

The cash register area has a huge power supply that was giving off milligauss readings of 8.1 to 9.5


Lowest temperature 64.3

Highest temperature 68.4 (heating was turned on inside the building)


Due to the power lines running all through the inside the basement we were unable to get a accurate background milligauss reading.


while in the basement measuring a cable that was putting out 30 to 40 milligauss kevin caught something out of the corner of his eye to the right along some old wooden planks..he explained that it looked like a fast moving black object..after 10 or more minutes i experienced the same exact thing in the same corner as he did. also i saw a childs chair move in the doll room as well.

Basement of the west point hotel

Me and kevin blakely were getting 30 to 40 milligauss at this one spot in the basement,and we found the long thin wire in this picture was what was giving off these high milligauss readings.

Pictured is kevin blakely a s.i.g.n. member getting abnormal readings in the kitchen of the west point hotel

Due to numerous large appliances in the kitchen that was giving off so much power and electricity we were unable to get a accurate baseline milligauss reading in this area.

S.I.G.N. & G.H.O.S.T. Joint Investigation Of The West Point Hotel

Tina dean,mary cheshire and jason montgomery from G.H.O.S.T. did a joint investigation with members of S.I.G.N. including myself and new member kevin blakely. at historic west point sets coming shortly from this investigation!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Orb in motion gone! 2nd picure

Our Vice president beverly leavell snapped 2 pictures back to back and in this picture the orb in motion is gone and i had just gotten a 4.3 milligauss hit on my mel meter at the time this occured.

Culbertson mansion orb in motion 1st picture

Our vice president beverly leavell captured this orb in motion at the culbertson mansion while she was snapping 2 pictures back to back

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sights First Waverly Hills Overnight Investigation 2006

This was sights first waverly hills investigation in 2006 as you can see its morning and we are all dead tired,no one had thought about bringing portable heaters or anything so most of us were all wearing 3 or 4 layers of clothing the whole night.this was really special for me as i had never been inside this building and it really meant something to me as a member of sight to fully investigate this place with my team members.and it was milestone for S.I.G.H.T. to finally get to do a investigation here. S.I.G.H.T. stands for (Scientific Investigative Ghost Hunting Team)

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