Sunday, February 8, 2015

overnight investigation set for may!

In may the southern indiana ghosthunters network will return for our 3rd overnight investigation of the scott county heritage center and museum also known as the poor farm

We are hoping this investigations is as active as it was last time.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

S.I.G.N. Group Photo

we had a good time at the funeral home we captured a few things,wanted to capture more but these things happen.

Top photo is brian/ his daughter/beverly/kj and chris

Bottom Photo is myself brians daughter/beverly/kj and chris

We hope to return again for another investigation in the spring.

Black Mist - funeral Home

shooting back to back and one picture is fine then the hallway is enveloped in this black mist...even the light is affecting the blackness.

Funeral Home

Shadow Presence - Funeral Home

this was one of the windows where a man is seen looking out of this window...notice the shadows on the right of the window...i was using a canon speedlight 430 ex2 flash and with enough ambient light these pictures should be full of light and they are not..this is possibly a shadow person trying to form and perhaps this is the old man people see looking out the window

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