Sunday, April 21, 2013

Scott County Heritage Center And Museum - Mist

This is another photograph captured by debbie austin in the cival war room where beverly captured several black mists earlier...debbie caught this white mist which kind of makes the room look a little smoky.

We wish to take this time to thank lynn lamb his wife tracy for being very generous hosts for our overnight investigation...with beverly being sick we didnt want to keep her any longer and we had to end our investigation early.our primary concern is our team members and there safety that comes first and that says alot about who we are in our group.

Scott County Heritage Center And museum - Unexplainable Mist

This  mist was captured by debbie austin on the 2nd floor near the cival war room..we have no explaination for it.

Scott County Heritage Center And Musem - Black Mist/Anamoly

This same type of penomena was captured again by beverly leavell near the cival war room at about 2 hours later...beverly was becoming ill when she repeated visited this area on the 2nd floor..our whole nights investigation was really good.

Scott County Heritage Center And Museum - More Black Mist/Anamoly

And again these were captured by beverly leavell on the first floor of the heritage center..we have captured this type of phenomena here before a few years ago on our first overnight investigation..again we have no explaination for this..but we believe it to be possibly paranormal

Scott County Heritage Center And Musem - unexplainable black Mist/Anamoly

This was captured upstairs by beverly leavell with 2 pictures shot back to back near the cival was room..

We have no explaination for this black mist coming in from the top first picture and then gone in the second.

Evp Scott County Heritage Center And Musem

this evp was captured at 212.3 herts which is below human hearing.

This evp was captured by debbie austin as she had sat the digital voice recorder down and we were all 12 to 15 feet away from the sounds like someone is right on top of the recorder and breathing on it in anger..

Evp captured at scott county heritage center and museum

This Evp was captured at 281.2 hertz  which is just slightly below human hearing.

Sounds like a child saying me play

This Evp was captured by debbie austin

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