Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Years!

I wish all my S.I.G.N. members a very warm and happy new years.

And a special happy new years to my good friend jason montgomery

I have GREAT! news about the new year but all i can say is that S.I.G.N. is going further than it has ever gone before!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

House Up Past Ten Penny Bridge In Charlestown Indiana

For those GHOST HUNTERS who have heard of this house and are thinking of going up to take a look around please refrain from doing this as you will BE ARRESTED!

It is currently under renovation by new owners and they are not tolerating any trespassers at all.

For more information please visit there website at:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pictures From Jason Montgomery Paranormal Investigator

My good friend jason montgomery had a few pictures.the first picture at the bottom shows what looks to be in the back of the cemetery a outline of a humanoid shape...the bad thing is they never went back to determine if this was truly something paranormal or not..i think it is!

The next 2 pictures were taken at rush creek cemetery at night if you look closely at the american flag that is stuck in the ground and then go up above looks like some kind of black anomaly that is vaguely humanoid shaped.

Jason it is a honor to finally share these photos with other paranormal investigators.

Jason is currently looking for another paranormal group in the evansville indiana area to join..he would make a great addition to any paranormal team in the area!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

S.I.G.N. Going On Hiatus Until The New Year!

All S.I.G.N. members will be going on hiatus until after all the major holidays are over with..these holidays are personal time to spend with your friends family and loved ones.

We have many many investigations planned for the new year as long as weather is permitting as winter is almost upon us.

One thing is sure....we will be busy with totally new locations to investigate and a very busy new year for S.I.G.N.!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Group Photo - Whispers Estate Saturday November 6th

From left to right

Kevin Blakely S.I.G.N. Member,kevin mayer,lynne gulick S.I.G.N. Member,brian Laythe,his assistant i cant remember his name,Christie ownes,vicki mayer,danny owens,kay owens,jack oliver,beverly leavell.

We all had a great time investigating together!

S.I.G.N. Group Photo

From left to right S.I.G.N. members kevin blakely,beverly leavell,jack oliver and lynne gulick.

Although we did not capture any evps at all myself and lynne gulick did have a few personal experiences..myself and lynne gulick felt light headed and dizzy in the parlor,after we left the area we were fine..i was shoved hard by something unseen in the doctors parlor which beverly leavell witness it first hand as she was with me when we were in the room..the exact same room lynne captured the black anomalous mass.also kevin blakely and lynne gulick were sitting at the dining room table and observed the chandelier ornaments moving on there own as as they were moving the ones that were higher started moving and this particular time there was no one upstairs that would have made any vibration at all.

Whispers Estate Black Mass

These 2 pictures taken in doctor gibbons room shows a black mass by one of the old doors in the door...these pictures were taken by lynne gulick.of several sets of normal photos she had taken in the room these were the only 2 that were interesting.

Whispers Estate - Black Anomaly

These 2 pictures taken back to back shows the first picture clear but the 2nd one shows a black anomaly in the top portion of the picture...these pictures were taken by beverly leavell S.I.G.N. member

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Whispers Estate Saturday November 6th Investigation

Myself along with current S.I.G.N. members beverly leavell,kevin blakely,and lynne gulick will be doing a all night investigation at whispers estate this saturday november 6th..along with good friends kay owens,danny owens and christy owens along with indiana paranormal group founder brian laythe and 2 members of his group.. S.I.G.N. will be hosting a live ustream event saturday evening for anyone interested in staying up all night and watching the investigation as it be able to view this event you must go to our parent website and click on watch.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

S.I.G.N. Fleece Hoodies Have Arrived!

Our hoodies have finally arrived and i think they look really good and just in time for next weekends BIG whispers estate investigation!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finchville Kentucky Investigation Conclusion

While kevin lynne and beverly were upstairs taking pictures and conducting evp sessions i was taking pictures with my back to this door..while i was taking pictures all of a sudden i saw the light from the outside shine in as i turned i saw the door open fully and then begin to close on its the time i collected my wits i snapped these 2 pictures of the door closing...there were no winds strong enough to push this door open the way it did...the other personal experience i had was when we were inside this house and i heard kevin ask me if i was going upstairs and i said no...and kevin is over by the stairs the voice actually came from behind me.i asked kevin if he asked me if i was going upstairs and he said no...lynne and myself had another personal experience by the barn we heard a audable sigh/growl

Conclusion and evidence

Evps captured :none

Anomalous photographs taken :none

Milligauss Fluctuations :normal

During our investigation the solar x rays were active and we were in a M CLASS FLARE.

Although we did not capture any evps or photographic evidence me and lynne did have personal experiences..we would love to come back to investigate here again.

Finchville Kentucky Investigation

The property we were on for the investigation was absolutely beautiful..i would like to thank lynne gulick and the owners of this property for allowing us to investigate it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jailors Inn Overnight Investigation 2011

S.I.G.N. will be doing a overnight investigation at the jailers inn in 2011..cant go into details on the dates as we are working them out right now...but it looks like the new year will be good for S.I.G.N.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ivy Tech Ghost Hunting Seminar - Evp Lecture and class

My section of the seminar where i talked about evp phenomena went really well,and i would like to thank brian laythe and kay owens for allowing me to attend and speak at this event.and also would like to thank my S.I.G.N. members lynne gulick and beverly leavell for making this event and showing there support.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ghost Provokers!

These guys make fun of ghost adventures...and why shouldnt they!!

Check out there videos on youtube and the nutcracker episode here

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bellair Cemetery - Unexplained Mist

Todd bates was very reluctant to enter this cemetery but we finally made it inside...kevin blakely said it felt like someone was touching his hair and also felt spiderwebs over his arms....this is a clear field with no trees around for a while as well...afterwards i started getting the feeling of spiderwebs on my hands and arm...the more and more we stayed in the cemetery the more everyone got the feeling of overwhelming sadness...this unexplained mist was captured when i snapped a picture of lynn as she was talking to the spirits. the first picture below is the original and the one above it has been edited with picasa fill light to show the mist in more details...looks like they must have liked lynne.

Bellair Cemetery

I have heard soo many stories about this cemetery from todd bates over the years that finally when we go to meet him at the studio we finally made it to this cemetery late saturday night.

Evp - Get The Hell Off The Floor

This evp was captured at the robinson bowling alley which is where todds studio is located...this evp was captured at 140hz and is a female voices saying get the hell off the floor.

Photos From The Live Overnight Event!

Im just blown away by todd and big rod..these guys were friggin awesome!!

Myself kevin blakely and lynne gulick had one of the most awesome investigations/live show...this is a milestone for S.I.G.N. the only missing person from the group was beverly leavell whom i wished could have made the trip with us :(

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Haunted Voices Radio Network - Show And All Night Investigation

I would like to thank todd bates and big rod for having us for the radio show and the overnight guys are awesome and we had a wonderful time...more photos and evp to be uploaded tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Robinson Illinois Road Trip - Live On

We will be making our road trip to meet up with todd bates on early friday morning sep 24th..and will be doing a live show at the hvrnc studio then a live investigation that will go all night long!..also we will be visiting the notorious belair cemetery where todd says is very active......remember to tune in at 9 pm eastern for the show then after that the all niter investigation! tune in at and click on watch live

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ivy Tech October 8th Ghost Hunting Seminar

Thanks to kay owens and brian laythe i have been given the opportunity to speak on evp phenomena at this seminar..i will have a 45 minute spot to speak to people and students who are attending this event..this is a very exciting event for S.I.G.N. as find information on this event you can go to brians website at

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Austin Indiana Cemetery - Recap

Since we did not get any strange pictures like we did the first time we went i can rule out the power lines as a source for interfering with my digital camera..look at all the pictures below they are perfect with only one anomaly we had captured..i would likely say our pictures on the first trip there were genuine...thanks to lynne gulick and kevin blakely for participating on this small investigation..we really had some personal experiences in broad daylight...we will be returning here again very soon!

Austin Indiana Cemetery - Unexplained Energy Manifestation

Sorry for the shaking camera but if you watch closely you can see what we were seeing.look towards the dried out splotch area where no grass is growing just below it you can make out the movement.please change setting to 480p for better quality video.

Austin Indiana Cemetery - Strange Energy Emanating From The Ground

Once we had sat down we noticed down the hill here before you cross over into the greener grass area we had noticed what looked to be some kind of energy coming up through the ground.somewhat resembling heat coming off of asphalt...but this was dried up dead grass...the bad thing we did not capture this in my i got out my other camcorder and shot a 2 minute video segment which does show this unexplained energy moving up from the ground.

Austin Indiana Cemetery - Unexplained Anomaly

These 2 pictures taken back to back with my canon eos rebel the same camera i used the first time i had come here...these 2 pictures taken back to back within seconds of each other.the first picture it is there and the 2nd one it is has the characteristics as a energy in motion and and is producing its own light source.

Austin Indiana Cemetery

S.I.G.N. member kevin blakely was having computer issues while we were in this section of the cemetery where we got unexplained pictures our previous time here...he was trying to do a video segment in 1080p high def when he started having computer issues..later when we had just driven out of the cemetery all the issues he was having mysteriously disappeared.

Austin Indiana Cemetery

S.I.G.N. investigators lynne gulick and kevin blakely checking dates on a tombstone..

Return To Austin Indiana Cemetery

We are returning to the austin indiana cemetery to try and clarify a few things from our first trip that yielded some unexplainable pictures...uploads to follow.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Breaking News - Bartonville insane asylum investigation!

Next year S.I.G.N. will be doing a full investigation at bartonville insane asylum along with my older nephew darren orange who has set this up.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Southern Indiana Ghosthunters Network Turns 1 Year Old!

Well folks its official S.I.G.N. turns 1 year old this month.its been a long hard road working this group at to where we are now,we have a total of 4 members (counting myself) kudos to beverly leavell our vice president and founder/kevin blakely paranormal investigator and website admin as well as playing the part of the IT department for sign/and lynne gulick paranormal investigator as well as living sleeping and eating in a haunted location.

Thank you all for making this group shine and for all the help you have been,we have several exciting investigations coming up and we will list a few of them but not all of them for the remainder of this year.

Finchville investigation

going back to austin indiana cemetery where we got some amazing pictures and are going to be conducting several scientific experiments while on location

Whispers estate investigation

Moorelands antibellum estate utica indiana (working on a date for this one)

culbertson mansion halloween overnight investigation (beverly leavell is handling all the paperwork on this)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

S.I.G.N. Evidence Evaluation

Myself and kevin blakely will be going over photographic evidence this weekend at his place,as we will be going over raw data photos from a previous cemetery we went to.we are hoping to get these published in a higher resolution as we are going to be using state of the art software to accomplish this..once this is complete these photos will be able to be displayed in a much crisper and higher resoloution than what we had previously posted...stay tuned!

Mel Meter-8704

These awesome meters register milligauss and ambient temperatures in real time and have a record feature that will record the highest and lowest milligauss and the highest and lowest ambient temperature making data sets at investigations very accurate and they have a led backlight for when they are used in dark settings...these will work great in arrangement with my 2 natural trifield meters!

Mel Meter-8704

These are my 2 new mel meters we have for S.I.G.N. investigations.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Canon Eos image stabilization video

Eos Rebel Image Stabilization

For those of you who do not have a high end canon eos rebel digital camera like mine and are wondering about some of my photographs taken in cemeterys...let me share something with you..i cannot shake or move this camera and take a picture at the same time...because the chip in my high end camera has built in image stabilization...that means that i cannot more or swing the camera around and try and take a picture at the same time...the camera will not let has a built in feature that will not allow this to happen...with lesser quality digital cameras on the market yes you can move the camera and take pictures...most of these low quality digital cameras lack such features..i hope this puts a end to some posts here speculating on what kind of camera i am using.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Evp - I Get Lonesome

This evp was captures the last time we came out to lynnes house with kay owens.this was captured by beverly leavell on her analog recorder and is saying i get lonesome...this evp was captured below the human hearing range and came in at 140.6 hertz.

Westport Kentucky Investigation - Mist

We had our trap camera setup in several locations saturday night and we did not capture nothing interesting..this is the only picture taken from our infrared trap camera that shows what looks to be mist by the tree and mist shooting downwards to the left by the camera.(the specs in the background are bugs which were in alot of pictures) and yes the time and date are off as i did not get a chance last night to correct this.

West port Kentucky Investigation - Energy In Motion And Possible Apparition Forming.

Beverly leavell captured these 3 photos in lynnes living room..what you see is a possible apparition forming and then what looks like energy in motion and watch as it moves from the left to the right side of the screen in the last 2 pictures.these are very interesting and are what we are looking for when we go to look for pictures of paranormal phenomena.

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