Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finchville Kentucky Investigation Conclusion

While kevin lynne and beverly were upstairs taking pictures and conducting evp sessions i was taking pictures with my back to this door..while i was taking pictures all of a sudden i saw the light from the outside shine in as i turned i saw the door open fully and then begin to close on its the time i collected my wits i snapped these 2 pictures of the door closing...there were no winds strong enough to push this door open the way it did...the other personal experience i had was when we were inside this house and i heard kevin ask me if i was going upstairs and i said no...and kevin is over by the stairs the voice actually came from behind me.i asked kevin if he asked me if i was going upstairs and he said no...lynne and myself had another personal experience by the barn we heard a audable sigh/growl

Conclusion and evidence

Evps captured :none

Anomalous photographs taken :none

Milligauss Fluctuations :normal

During our investigation the solar x rays were active and we were in a M CLASS FLARE.

Although we did not capture any evps or photographic evidence me and lynne did have personal experiences..we would love to come back to investigate here again.

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