Sunday, May 30, 2010

Westport Kentucky Farm Investigation June 26th 2010

We will be doing another investigation at lynn gulicks farm,but this time we will be focusing on her house and the outside areas.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

S.I.G.N. Exclusive Investigation At Whispers Estate November 6th 2010

We will be returning to the whispers estate for a overnight investigation on saturday november 6th with honored guests kay and danny owens.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Westport Kentucky Farm Investigation Group Photo

From left to right beverly leavell,kevin blakely,jack oliver,lynn gulick,christie owens,kevin mayer,kay owens,danny owens and christies friend.

We all had a great time investigating but even a greater time investigating with my good good friends kay christie and danny and kevin mayer.. you always have a open invitation to any investigations that i setup.

Westport Kentucky Farm Investigation

Myself kevin blakely and beverly leavell just chilling out while our camcorders are recording in the barn..kay and dannys group did catch a few things on there camcorder in the barn while they were running there sessions and had a few personal experiences while in the barn itself.
We did not capture any unusual photographs kay however did capture a class b evp while doing a evp session with her daughter christie.we did not capture any evps at this investigation but while doing a evp session in the one room we heard banging on the walls and once we had completed the evp session and came outside kay had said that while we were in the room they saw what resemembled a hand come out of one of the stalls on her monitor close to where we were located inside the room
We will be reviewing our 3 hours of tape next saturday to see if we picked up anything unusual

Westport Kentucky Farm Investigation Setup

We had setup my sony hi8 camcorder to pickup activity in the barn shooting in the infrared this picture you see my wildvue trap camera setup to snap pictures in the did take a total of 22 pictures and we had alot of bugs this night as well as barn swallows nesting so we may have to rule out some of these photographs due to natural occurences

Monday, May 10, 2010

Westport Farm Investigation May 15th

This saturday may 15th S.I.G.N. will be doing a full investigation of lynn gulicks farm,we also have some good friends of mine kay and danny owens will be showing up to investigate with us..i did get in contact with tim harte of M.E.S.A (multi Energy Sensor Array) but he had prior arrangements and could not make this investigation...dont worry tim we will do future investigations at this site at lynn gulicks discretion.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Solar X-Rays Active At Peewee Valley Cemetery

These are the solar x-rays for last night and today showing that they are active..this could have lead to us capturing the interesting energy in motion picture below.

Pee Wee Valley Cemetery - Energy In Motion

Me and kay owens went over these photos and she provided me with these 2 negatives that makes this photo stick out even more.and me and her came to the both conclusion that this is a genuine photo of energy in motion and is to be considered paranormal....also at the time this was taken the solar x-rays were active.

Peewee Valley Cemetery - Energy In Motion

These two photographs were taken back to back within seconds of each other and in the first pic is a real good picture of energy in motion and in the 2nd picture it is gone. we plan to do a full investigation of this cemetery very soon!

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