Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stepp Cemetery Investigation Saturday April 10th 2010

We had a wonderful trip on our way to stepp cemetery in the morgan monroe state forestry, the only bad thing was when it got dark and we were going to setup our infrared camera tripod systems and do evp sessions..then whole cemetery was invaded by other paranormal groups/teenagers/amateurs(that do not know what they are doing) that were very rude to the spirits when they were doing there evp sessions.the rest literally trampled through the graveyard with reckless abandon and did not give a care where they walked or who they disturbed...this is my firsthand encounter with this type of unprofessional paranormal groups out there and this just goes to show what kind of damage these paranormal television shows are doing to our paranormal community in general.

Current S.I.G.N. Members & Our Visit To Stepp Cemetery Last Night

Beverly Leavell Vice President Of S.I.G.N.
Lynn Gulick S.I.G.N. Investigator

Kevin Blakely S.I.G.N. Investigator & Website Admin

Jack Oliver President & Founder Of S.I.G.N.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cottingly Fairy Photographs (Fairies in a sunbath)

As we all know most of the cottingly photos were faked by frances and elsie,however frances up to the time of her death maintained that the 5th photo the one you see above was genuine...i would be curious to see if anyone can explain this picture does it look faked or is it genuine?

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