Sunday, September 27, 2015

Scott county heritage center & museum joint investigation with kay owens

Myself and beverly leavell would like to thank kay owens and her group for inviting us on this overnight joint investigation...we had a blast and a totally awesome time..i am very happy that she is reforming her original S.I.G.H.T. team and was wonderful working with them.

Scott County Heritage Center & Museum - black mist

This black mist was captured by beverly Leavell

Scott county heritage center & museum - Shadow person outside back door

These pictures were taken back to back by can see the outside light being shut out in these 4 consecutive pictures as what seems to be a human figure just outside the back door..this is either a shadow person or an apparition trying to form...we believe this to be genuine paranormal

Scott County Heritage Center & Museum - Unexplainable Mist On The Porch

These 2 photgraphs were captured by beverly leavell..the first picture is empty and the next one you see what we call a mist on the front porch..we believe this to be genuine paranormal.

The last picture we used fill light that fully shows this mist not only covers the front porch but also on top of the porch and along the railing and coming into the front yard along the bushes

Great catch beverly!

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