Saturday, July 25, 2015

waverly hills overnight Possibly 2 shadow people/apparition

and after going through close to 1000 photographs we come across another one here..what looks like a figure by the door and a figure in the doorway.this is the last photograph that i consider paranormal.

2 photographs out of 1000 some may consider this bad luck..but in this field you take what you get and either be happy with it or happy with it

Waverly hills Overnight - tall shadow figure at the end of the hallway

We have taken some time to go over a staggering amount of photos that my group members had taken at waverly hills...alas we only have a few to share at this time..

we used fill light to illuminate the picture and at the very back we see a very tall shadowy figure.

We all know waverly hills is a very paranormal active spot and a hotspot for shadow people...well it looks like we caught one.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Beeler Manor Investigation set for july

We will be conducting a overnight investigation at the beeler manor in july.

Also our new team shirts are finally finished

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