Monday, November 28, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Undisclosed Cemetery - Mist

This photo was taken by S.I.G.N. investigator lynne gulick at one our hotspots at this cemetery,myself and beverly leavell had taken well over 60 pictures when we were there a week ago and we did not get any interesting photographs..lynne had captured this interesting mist photograph that starts from the treeline to the right and wraps around the i believe it is paranormal yes...i have captured several photographs similar to this one when we investigated it a year ago..could this be a guardian letting us know this grave or site is protected yes..could this be a spirit or apparition forming yes i do believe this is paranormal

The first picture is a comparason shot just to show it was a clear and sunny day.

Friday, November 4, 2011

S.I.G.N. Holiday Break

While we are taking our annual break for the holidays our team is still comitted to investigating the paranormal,we are revamping our group and in the new year we are going to set new goals for S.I.G.N. we are going to focus on doing residential investigations and getting back to the heart of what it means to be paranormal investigators.. and that is solving mysteries and uncovering the truth and being investigators again..sure weve been to waverly hills and hannah house and countless other bigtime hyped haunted places...but where the heart lies and that is...helping people understand the paranormal in a positive and educational manner...i think the ghost tv shows have gotten us all derailed from where the heart of being a real paranormal investigator lies.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Many investigations planned for the new year...including this one!

This one is in my own back yard and we will have a date for it hopefully soon..more info to come on our investigations and we will update asap!

Current S.I.G.N. Members

From the top down...myself president and founder,lynne gulick,beverly leavell co founder and vice president..we make a very awesome team

Undisclosed Cemetery

Myself Beverly leavell and Lynne Gulick visited one of our favorite paranormal hotspots in of the very strange things that we noticed that in the old section of the cemetery most of the headstones were free of any signs of raking or any other indication that someone was taking care of this older of our friends who had introduced us to this cemetery brian miller said this old section of the cemetery had at least 5 guardians in it...perhaps they were responsable for this??? maybe letting us know that this place is important and that we should remember and honor our dead.

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