Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Austin Indiana Cemetery Unexplained Phenomena

I have always taken 2 pictures back to back just so i can see if there is a malfunction in the mechanism of the camera because if there is a problem we will see it in every photograph.these 2 images snapped back to back show nothing much in the first photograph but some very strange phenomena going on in the 2nd picture and please notice the energy in motion arcing downwards from the top right...i cannot explain what else is in the picture as this is up to speculation...there were high tension power lines above this cemetery that were making our meters go bonkers..could these photgraphs be a time shift which is a rare occurence even today...please feel free to post your comments as i will be open to discuss these with anyone.

Austin Indiana Cemetery Mist/time shift

Another set of photographs taken back to picture is clear and the next it looks like there is a mist blowing across in front of the camera lens...again this is a high end camera i am using and i cannot explain this type of phenomena.there was no mist or any fires or anything else to cause what was captured on my camera..the resoloution on my digital rebel xsi is way above any high def output device and is capturing in resoloution of 4272 x 2848 which is above high def format.

Austin Indiana Cemetery

These 2 pictures taken back to back with my canon rebel digital xsi 14 megapixel camera.notice the 2 energy in motion orbs in one picture and the next they are gone.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Robinson Illinois Road Trip September 24th 2010

Thats right we will be making a road trip on september 24th 2010 to robinson illinois to visit todd bates at his studio for a full 2 days.while we are there todd will take us to several known hot spots for the paranormal as well as doing a live show with me..we plan to have lots of fun while we are there...more to come on the events we will do as the date gets closer!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Austin Indiana Cemetery

Greetings Fellow Paranormal Investigators.

I just got home and sat down after a friend of mine brian miller took us to a cemetery in austin indiana...i have captured some of the most breathtaking and incredible photographs that i have ever seen in my 16 years of being a paranormal investigator..kay owens and i are working close together on our analysis of these photographs and once we are finished and have determined what we believe them to be then we will post this moment we both believe them to be paranormal at this time.

Our verdict will come in the next week or two as she has time to work on them.

Scientific Data:Solar Xrays were active at the time we were at the cemetery

Weather:Severe thunderstorms were to our north and high voltage powerlines over the cemetery.

S.I.G.N. Investigators on site at this cemetery with me were:

Kevin Blakely

Brian Miller

Friday, June 4, 2010

Introducing Friday Pulse Program From Haunted Voices Radio!

Join me every friday night at 11 pm eastern for the friday pulse..with host todd bates,phil roell and myself as we delve into paranormal 101 for this exciting long running new radio series!

You can hit this link and listen to our show tonight as we cover quite a few topics this evening..

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