Saturday, June 12, 2010

Austin Indiana Cemetery

Greetings Fellow Paranormal Investigators.

I just got home and sat down after a friend of mine brian miller took us to a cemetery in austin indiana...i have captured some of the most breathtaking and incredible photographs that i have ever seen in my 16 years of being a paranormal investigator..kay owens and i are working close together on our analysis of these photographs and once we are finished and have determined what we believe them to be then we will post this moment we both believe them to be paranormal at this time.

Our verdict will come in the next week or two as she has time to work on them.

Scientific Data:Solar Xrays were active at the time we were at the cemetery

Weather:Severe thunderstorms were to our north and high voltage powerlines over the cemetery.

S.I.G.N. Investigators on site at this cemetery with me were:

Kevin Blakely

Brian Miller

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