Sunday, June 24, 2012

Investigation Private Residence

We would like to thank debbie austin for inviting us on this investigation..

Investigation Private Residence

During our investigation we captured several black mists throughout the home and while i do consider these paranormal we have captured these before on prior investigations

These photographs were taken by beverly leavell vice president of S.I.G.N.

Investigation Private residence -

notice the first picture on this a possible time tear captured on camera or did we capture the veil opening up allowing spirits to pass through...the bottom picture is the picture i snapped after the first one and it is gone...we are still trying to figure this one out

Investigation - private residence

we had captured several pictures throughout this investigation with some pictures coming in as blurry..i do not believe it to be a camera malfunction as this camera has never had any issues or taken any pictures resembling this...could these be possibly paranormal are looking good beverly :)

Investigation private residence

We had a investigation friday night at a private residence...we had several personal experiences and captured  several pictures of what we deem to be possible paranormal in orgin..updates to follow!

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