Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pictures From Jason Montgomery Paranormal Investigator

My good friend jason montgomery had a few pictures.the first picture at the bottom shows what looks to be in the back of the cemetery a outline of a humanoid shape...the bad thing is they never went back to determine if this was truly something paranormal or not..i think it is!

The next 2 pictures were taken at rush creek cemetery at night if you look closely at the american flag that is stuck in the ground and then go up above looks like some kind of black anomaly that is vaguely humanoid shaped.

Jason it is a honor to finally share these photos with other paranormal investigators.

Jason is currently looking for another paranormal group in the evansville indiana area to join..he would make a great addition to any paranormal team in the area!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

S.I.G.N. Going On Hiatus Until The New Year!

All S.I.G.N. members will be going on hiatus until after all the major holidays are over with..these holidays are personal time to spend with your friends family and loved ones.

We have many many investigations planned for the new year as long as weather is permitting as winter is almost upon us.

One thing is sure....we will be busy with totally new locations to investigate and a very busy new year for S.I.G.N.!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Group Photo - Whispers Estate Saturday November 6th

From left to right

Kevin Blakely S.I.G.N. Member,kevin mayer,lynne gulick S.I.G.N. Member,brian Laythe,his assistant i cant remember his name,Christie ownes,vicki mayer,danny owens,kay owens,jack oliver,beverly leavell.

We all had a great time investigating together!

S.I.G.N. Group Photo

From left to right S.I.G.N. members kevin blakely,beverly leavell,jack oliver and lynne gulick.

Although we did not capture any evps at all myself and lynne gulick did have a few personal experiences..myself and lynne gulick felt light headed and dizzy in the parlor,after we left the area we were fine..i was shoved hard by something unseen in the doctors parlor which beverly leavell witness it first hand as she was with me when we were in the room..the exact same room lynne captured the black anomalous mass.also kevin blakely and lynne gulick were sitting at the dining room table and observed the chandelier ornaments moving on there own as as they were moving the ones that were higher started moving and this particular time there was no one upstairs that would have made any vibration at all.

Whispers Estate Black Mass

These 2 pictures taken in doctor gibbons room shows a black mass by one of the old doors in the door...these pictures were taken by lynne gulick.of several sets of normal photos she had taken in the room these were the only 2 that were interesting.

Whispers Estate - Black Anomaly

These 2 pictures taken back to back shows the first picture clear but the 2nd one shows a black anomaly in the top portion of the picture...these pictures were taken by beverly leavell S.I.G.N. member

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Whispers Estate Saturday November 6th Investigation

Myself along with current S.I.G.N. members beverly leavell,kevin blakely,and lynne gulick will be doing a all night investigation at whispers estate this saturday november 6th..along with good friends kay owens,danny owens and christy owens along with indiana paranormal group founder brian laythe and 2 members of his group.. S.I.G.N. will be hosting a live ustream event saturday evening for anyone interested in staying up all night and watching the investigation as it be able to view this event you must go to our parent website and click on watch.

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