Monday, November 8, 2010

S.I.G.N. Group Photo

From left to right S.I.G.N. members kevin blakely,beverly leavell,jack oliver and lynne gulick.

Although we did not capture any evps at all myself and lynne gulick did have a few personal experiences..myself and lynne gulick felt light headed and dizzy in the parlor,after we left the area we were fine..i was shoved hard by something unseen in the doctors parlor which beverly leavell witness it first hand as she was with me when we were in the room..the exact same room lynne captured the black anomalous mass.also kevin blakely and lynne gulick were sitting at the dining room table and observed the chandelier ornaments moving on there own as as they were moving the ones that were higher started moving and this particular time there was no one upstairs that would have made any vibration at all.

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