Sunday, May 16, 2010

Westport Kentucky Farm Investigation

Myself kevin blakely and beverly leavell just chilling out while our camcorders are recording in the barn..kay and dannys group did catch a few things on there camcorder in the barn while they were running there sessions and had a few personal experiences while in the barn itself.
We did not capture any unusual photographs kay however did capture a class b evp while doing a evp session with her daughter christie.we did not capture any evps at this investigation but while doing a evp session in the one room we heard banging on the walls and once we had completed the evp session and came outside kay had said that while we were in the room they saw what resemembled a hand come out of one of the stalls on her monitor close to where we were located inside the room
We will be reviewing our 3 hours of tape next saturday to see if we picked up anything unusual

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