Sunday, August 22, 2010

Southern Indiana Ghosthunters Network Turns 1 Year Old!

Well folks its official S.I.G.N. turns 1 year old this month.its been a long hard road working this group at to where we are now,we have a total of 4 members (counting myself) kudos to beverly leavell our vice president and founder/kevin blakely paranormal investigator and website admin as well as playing the part of the IT department for sign/and lynne gulick paranormal investigator as well as living sleeping and eating in a haunted location.

Thank you all for making this group shine and for all the help you have been,we have several exciting investigations coming up and we will list a few of them but not all of them for the remainder of this year.

Finchville investigation

going back to austin indiana cemetery where we got some amazing pictures and are going to be conducting several scientific experiments while on location

Whispers estate investigation

Moorelands antibellum estate utica indiana (working on a date for this one)

culbertson mansion halloween overnight investigation (beverly leavell is handling all the paperwork on this)

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