Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Investigation - Lynne Gulicks Property - Strange Black Anomaly

Here are another set of photographs taken by beverly as in the first photo the picture is clear and the 2nd photo has a black mass above me from left to right


  1. Did ya see that orb?? On the inside panel of that rounded wall/window cutout behind you. Looks like it might be there in the first pic as well, but it pixels when I zoom in to see for sure. But it's so obvious in the 2nd pic! A dust particle? A bug? Or just a spirit saying hi and notice me? Well, I sure did! What say you, Jack?

  2. Hi Flea,

    That orb is not a bug it is just a dust particle..

    There are true orbs out there that are real and exhibit signs of being authentic but this one here is a dust particle.

    Thank you for commenting flea i do appreciate the feedback :-)


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