Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hello Everyone,

It has been a rough year on us as we have lost 2 members and due to gas prices and general all around prices going up everywhere we have had but a few investigations this year...i work a 40 if not sometimes 60 hours within a week so sometimes i work on weekends.

Myself and beverly leavell are the only surviving sole members of S.I.G.N. and we do have at least 3 investigations set for next year..some places we want to go want to charge too much,and if we had more members we could be able to afford it...but as it stands we have several investigations that will hardly cost us much in the new year...we still plan to keep S.I.G.N. going even if it is just us 2...we are dedicated to paranormal research and its still very dear to us so we will continue to pursue it from here on out..

Also i have a new radio show that myself and gina wedlake formed called parascience radio network or PTR for short and we are on every friday night.

Myself and beverly plan to keep S.I.G.N. going for years to long as we are actively investigating the paranormal and we are!

Catch up with us in the new year and happy holidays and thanks to everyone out there that helped us in some way or another.

God bless you all,

Jack Oliver

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